The Right Match gets Results and Stays.

Training to help you make the right hiring choices.

Accurately match a candidate to the role?
Matched to the culture of the organization?
And, to the management style they will be working under?

It’s all possible with Acu-Match training.

Who should get Acu-Match training?

H.R. Manager, Business owner, Recruiter, Leader, ….

“We believe that the right person in the right job with the right organization and management style, can consistently exceed expectations.”
That’s why Accurate Matching using Acu-Match is so vital.


If you are recruiting either within an organization or contracted to many different organizations, then you are involved in the screening process of candidates. This is what we call the Preliminary Matching process, and is an important first step in the Acu-Match system.

Recruiter training is the minimum first step to understanding the Acu-Match system.

NLP (neuro-linguistic-programming) has impacted many functions across all and every role that we perform today. If it involves communication with another individual or groups of individuals, then NLP can help. It is through NLP that we truly get the insights and understanding of personality traits that are the foundation of each individual’s identity.

Many of the profiling systems that are being used today were developed long before the NLP foundation was discovered, and therefore fail to take advantage of the understanding gained from this.

Although we can’t make you an NLP practitioner in one-day; this 1-day training will get you to a level where you can make preliminary interpretation of personality types through resumes, phone interviews, and face-to-face interviewing.

Become a great recruiter.

1 Day training ONLY $499 CAD