Leaders, Managers and Business owners.

Want to become a better leader? Do you know the difference between Management and Leadership?
Progressing from manager to leader is not just a one sided process.

  • You can’t switch from manager to leader, just by taking a pill. Sorry.
  • Deciding to call yourself a leader doesn’t automatically make you one.

Knowing when to lead, and when to manage is as much about who you are managing or leading as it is about your style or approach. It is about using the right tool for the right job. Before you can decide on which tool you should use with whom, first you need to understand the person you are speaking to. This Acu-Match leadership training will help you interpret the Acu-Match report so that you can navigate through the options available to you in dealing with your colleagues or team members. Motivating people means engaging them the right way – and that requires you use the right tool.

For example;

  • Engaging a junior team member in the same way as you would a seasoned team member will ultimately cause one of them to leave.
  • Engaging two seasoned team members in the same way, when one is new to your organization, and the other a 10 veteran, will also undoubtedly get you into trouble with one of them.

These are just some small subtleties that most people do instinctively.

With Acu-Match you’ll learn about energy levels, procedural traits, status-quo needs, learning styles, and much more. You’ll practice how to deal with each person in the way they need it so that they Exceed your expectations, and you can move to more leadership and less management.

These two x 1/2 day training sessions with remove the stress from leading people.

Learn to interpret, lead and motivate your team $799 CAD