H.R. Managers

As a Human Resources manager you are empowered with the organization’s culture matching, and guiding managers and leaders to understand and navigate the intricacies of leadership and motivation to get results and to engage people to the level appropriate to their experience and conviction.

This advanced Acu-Match training gives you full comprehension of all 52 areas scored by the Acu-Match system.

Interpreting the meaning of each score is just one part. Understanding how they apply in various combinations for the different types of roles requires an in-depth study of the relationship of each of these, and how they apply together.

This training program is as much about the science as it is practical experience. You will learn the power behind the questions being asked, and how to interpret the responses. You will also study the requirements of various types of roles. Key combinations necessary in roles such as; Sales, Customer services, Administration, Management, and so on.

Prerequisites: Must have completed Recruiter training.

This is done over 6 weekly x 1/2 day sessions, so that you have an opportunity to apply what you learn from session to session.

This is an Acu-Match small practitioner certification.

Complete certification $2995 CAD