Interviewing for a match

Assuming the job description follows the Acu-Match guidelines (which is where we start our process), then matching a candidate to the company and management requires an ability to look beyond what is written on their resume. Their skills tell you nothing about whether they will be a fit or not. We screen each candidate in four stages;

  1. Resume screening
  2. Phone interview
  3. Face-to-face interview
  4. AccuMatch assessment

Job description

Should clearly define the company, it’s culture and growth opportunities. It needs to describe the role in terms of expectations and results, as well as tasks to be performed. And, it should demonstrate an understanding of the type of person your looking for; what traits they would need to exhibit. Our initial interview helps us to understand your needs and assist you in this step.

The phone interview

Phone interviews are a critical first step in establishing rapport with the candidate, to allow them to be themselves. This furthers the recruiters ability to understand the traits of the candidate creating a deeper-clearer insight into the candidate’s profile.

The resume tell-tales

Trained professionals screen the resumes by reading between the lines to extrapolate from the words on the page, information that are tell-tales about that individuals personality. While this alone is not sufficient to draw any conclusion, it starts the process rolling. It helps identify what questions a recruiter should ask when conducting the phone interview.


The Face-to-face interview add a further element to the understanding of the candidate’s suitability for that client and the role. The dynamics, engagement, and behaviour during the F2F interview are all taken into consideration and further the recruiters insight into the candidate’s suitability.

Escalating costs...

The cost to replace them…

Whether you are a manager of people or human resources for a company, or whether you are a contracted recruiter, the problem is still the same. Replacing a failed placement is just too costly to be ignored. However; Is it fair to blame the candidate, when it is the selection process that failed? Unfortunately, all too often that’s what people do. Before we starting blaming individuals, Acu-Match asks that we first look at the process instead. It’s the process that’s failed not the person.

Acu-Match reveals a person’s unconscious motivation patterns and traits simply by their use of language.

Acu-Match assessment

Lastly, the Acu-Match assessment, crafted carefully to expose personality traits not otherwise detectable. It scores 52 different attributes. When cross-referenced, this information along with the interviews conducted, establishes to a greater clarity the specific strengths exhibited by each candidate and matches these to the needs of the organization and the role.

It takes time to complete all these steps. Time to ensure you get the right person into the right organization, with the right manager, doing the right job, so that they’ll be MOTIVATED and STAY.

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