Getting clients

In order to become proficient at getting clients you need to understand your prospects. Your prospects are giving hints and messages from the moment they meet you. To hone in your skills at picking up and interpreting these subtle and subliminal messages both verbal and non-verbal takes practice, and an understanding what to look for and what to listen to.

Keeping clients

Keeping clients for life is not hard, you just need to give them what they want. Sounds simple,¬†it can be if you have their Acu-Match profile in front of you whenever you are coaching them. Knowing what they need and how they need it delivered. Having clarity on what they will and won’t do, is not a matter of beating it into them, it is all about understanding their motivators that govern their behaviour.

The program

This program is delivered in 5 x 2 day sessions that are 2 weeks apart.