Acu-Match is a culmination of years of research and study of human behaviour, and various profiling systems and tools.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Rodger Bailey, was the first person to seriously research Meta-Programs and create a system for practical application. Bailey wanted to develop what he had learned from Leslie Cameron-Bandler about Meta-Programs and make it into an understandable, learnable and teachable system. Bailey learned to use a questioning grid, so if you use enough slightly varying questions and listen to the responses, you start to recognize what NLP calls Meta Program patterns. Much of 1978–80 was spent by Bailey searching for specific questions which would elicit specific Meta Program patterns. As a result Bailey went on to develop the LAB Profile, and later the Bailey Profile.

Today, working with his wife Isabelle, Bailey’s and Isabelle’s combined research has allowed them to expand his original work to Functional Medicine and later to Professional Sports retraining. Their application of the knowledge gained from a life dedicated to helping through their research will no doubt one day earn them a Nobel Prize.

A career of consulting, coaching and entrepreneur may not seem like the obvious path to the development of Acu-Match. But here it is. Nagui Bihelek interest in human behaviour started in the early 80’s with what was Human Factor Engineering. Later his leadership, consulting and coaching roles would continue his studies of behaviour in the workplace. Nagui was first introduced to DISC profiling in the late 80’s – based on research from the early 20’s. An interest in industrial psychology, and more about the various profiling systems and tools eventually led him to Rodger Bailey’s work.

Today, Nagui and wife Sandra, continue to work and study with Rodger Bailey, expanding their own research and development of Acu-Match so that it may be applied in all walks of life.