About Acu-Match

Acu-Match is a culmination of all these years and all the varied roles and experiences. Having established several companies, and led many different teams; experienced various roles from marketing to finance, sales to delivery. Eventually the frustration of getting the right people on your team starts to eat away at you. The cost, energy, and missed opportunities become so daunting that you just have to do something about it. As an innovator with an engineering background and a respect for the human elements of management and leadership, these eventually led to the culmination of knowledge from experience and education, from trying and failing, to eventually having solved the puzzle that many have tried to solve.

Acu-Match can help identify the right traits for many roles such as; Admin person, Sales rep, or Engineer, to name but a few.
Acu-Match considers the organization’s culture, team, and management styles.
In order to get great people on your team, they need to be well matched to all of these and not just the role and skills.
In order to keep great people in your organization, they need to belong. Not much sense being brilliant if you stick out like a sore thumb.

Having been exposed to Acu-Match has saved me from making many mistakes. I know what a wrong hire can cost me as a small business owner. Every assessment with Acu-Match has proven to be 100% accurate, and has helped me to manage my new recruits better to get better results and keep them motivated.

Russell ...

Business Owner, MultiVista franchise

What’s wrong with other profiling systems?

It’s simple; All profiling systems, just like this one, were created with a great deal of research and understanding of human aspects relating to communication and  interaction. The experts that created them are brilliant in their ability to assess people and identify their traits. However, where these other systems fail is in their delivery. To service the volumes needed, they all ultimately move to an online or written questionnaire. These are mostly multiple choice questionnaires. This is the biggest failure of all those systems. Candidates, especially in a hiring situation, will try and tell you what they think you want to hear or see in their results. Statistics show that 69% of people lie on their resumes, and 48% will lie in an interview. These numbers also reflect into profiling systems as well.

I’ve used the old systems, and have been burnt too many times. Once I even ignore what Acu-Match was telling, and ended-up regretting that. Now I happy with new hire, it’s been a long hard road. Thank you Acu-Match.

Judy ...

Director finance

Acu-Match founder

Nagui Bihelek founded AccuMatch in 2012 after many years of research, certification and training into numerous recruiting and staffing systems. Business Edge Staffing was established in 2009 and officially registered in 2010. Nagui is trained in DISC, PXT, PSA, and NLP. Is certified as a Business coach, Executive and Leadership coach, Life-coach, LAB Profiler. Has also studied industrial psychology and comes from a technical engineering background. Nagui is a life long business entrepreneur, having started his first business at the age of 17. An innovator from an early age, engineered several electronic gadgets, developed a number of software programs, and led large corporate projects. Was instrumental in rolling out leading corporate methodologies and quality systems, and even created a few along the way.

Proven stats

Our stats show that until we switched to AccuMatch we were at best 50-60% accurate in placing someone in the right job with these other systems. Today we can tell with a great deal of accuracy and predictability whether a person will workout in a role. That’s like having discovered Gold. We are well over 80% accuracy.

Before making any decision about a new hire, I get Business Edge Staffing to do an Acu-Match assessment and interview. I don’t know how they do it, but the info I get is crucial to managing my team, and getting them to exceed my expectations.

Dean ...

Business Owner