We all have the ability to win at whatever we do. The challenge is usually associated with discipline and willpower. Doing what  matters most rather than dealing with distractions.

Want to know how you can take control of your time, and become a winner every day?

Distractions are things you don’t control. Things that trigger you to do something you hadn’t planned on doing. For managers this could be a phone call, and email popups up on your screen, someone walks in with a questions, a fire that needs to be put out, etc. The list goes on. Take a few minutes every day and list all the things that demanded your time, which you had to give attention to and were not in your plan for that day. List just 10 and each day and record how much time these have taken from your planned schedule for that day.

Before we go into an exercise that you can do, think about this, which every one you feed will win the day. If you feed the distractions then at the end of the day you will feel like the distractions won out, and all the things you had planned to do are just not done, and now you have to start tomorrow with what you didn’t get done today plus all the stuff you had planned to do tomorrow.

These two parts of your mind are constantly badgering you to feed them. Like new chicks in a nest (have you ever seen a birds nest with new chicks and how they scream for food when the parent arrives with fresh food). You are the parent of your two minds – one is called distraction, and the other is focus. If you feed one and starve the other, eventually only one will survive. Which one are you feeding every day?


The irony of it all is that at work you are also training your team. Every time you feed one of their distractions they get stronger – just like the birds you feed versus those you starve. The stronger their demand for your time gets the the bigger they grow and the more they require more feeding to survive. You are training them to use your mind for their thinking rather then using their own (but that’s another topic).

Which one are you feeding and which one will you starve out?

To have a winner’s mindset first start with self-awareness. Try these 3 steps;

  1. The first step is to reflect back on what happened in each day that – planned and not-planned. Do this for a week.
  2. The second step is catching yourself immediately after that’s happened. Do this for a week.
  3. The third step is catching yourself immediately as it begins to happen. Do this for a week.

By no means am I saying to neglect your responsibilities and your people. Allocate a designated time for them to deal with their issues, you’ll find that over time they will have resolved many of their problems themselves, and they can just report to you their success. When they interrupt you they also interrupt themselves, which amount to twice the lost time.

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